About 1K

We can trace the 1st Kendal Scouts back to 1911, just four years since the formation of the Scout Movement. At that time we were the 1st Kendal (Lady Bagot’s Own) and each year the lads would pull their trek-cart down to Levens Hall to be inspected by their patron. We know that during the First World War the members of the Troop helped at the rehabilitation hospital for wounded soldiers in Kendal. In pairs they also guarded the railway bridges on the main line. If they enemy attacked, one Scout had to run back into Kendal to call out the militia!

We rather lost track of the Group until it was reformed in the nineteen fifties and met for sometime at the YMCA in Highgate and at various other venues. Then a dynamic group of parents helped to fund and build our own Headquarters on Little Aynam in Kendal – where we are today.

Scouting and young people may have changed over the years, but they still get enormous FUN and CHALLENGE from the weekly meetings and the extra activities we tackle.

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